Ladies, let’s be honest… silky smooth legs, underarms and bikini lines are a feel-good necessity (especially if you’re hitting the beach). The easiest (and least expensive) way to get there is shaving — but before you grab a razor and go wild, follow our 5 best smooth shave secrets to avoid bumps and irritation, and help you get epic levels of smooth.


1. Exfoliate with an all-natural, oil-based pre-shave scrub.

Exfoliating removes the top layer of dead skin cells and fluffs up smaller, newer hairs so that your razor has the cleanest pathway for the closest shave. So ditch the loofah and grab a jar of pre-shave scrub which utilizes natural oils, sugars, and salts which let you customize the level of abrasion since they dissolve in water.


2. Use an all-natural shave oil designed for women.

Once you’ve cleansed your skin, prep it with an emollient oil, enriched with skin conditioners like Jojoba, Argan oil, Aloe and Vitamin E. This helps your razor glide over your skin while providing a protective barrier from multiple blades. Better yet, the translucent oil lets you see exactly where you’re shaving, and even spot-shave smaller areas that see quicker regrowth! You’ll feel the difference — we promise.


3. Use a 2-3 blade razor.

Find a small headed or 2-3 blade razor for the tricky, sensitive spots. Razors with more than 4 blades don’t actually provide a closer shave and can lead to irritation because the 5th and 6th blades begin to scrape away the upper layers of your skin. Ouch! Underarms and the bikini area are tricky because the hair is coarser and typically grows in multiple directions. Try shaving with a smaller 2 blade razor and re-apply the shaving oil after 2 passes.  This will allow you to shave in multiple directions and not irritate your skin. You only need a few more drops of oil after each directional pass to give your skin a new protective barrier. This really works.


4. Let the water work with you.

With oil, you can shave in the shower – literally! If you’ve applied an all-natural oil to the area you want to shave and allowed it a few seconds to absorb, it won’t wash off with the shower spray. TOTAL GAME CHANGER! Just adjust the spray so it’s not too intense, and the softening properties of the water will actually help your razor glide even more smoothly on the oil.


5. Soothe those trouble spots.

If you follow our tips you’ll find that you don’t need to moisturize with lotion after shaving. Instead, focus on your trouble spots (which are most prone to irritation) and apply a calming anti-inflammatory balm. This will quiet the skin and dissipate any redness or inflammation.


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